A Miles for Memories program to make specially designed personal identification bracelets available for Calhoun County persons with dementia will go forward.

Miles for Memories volunteer spokesperson Sherii Sherban tells 95.3 WBCK the program will debut in summer 2017 at The Reflections senior memory care facility in Battle Creek.

According to Sherban, the program has several goals:

  • Initially targets the person at the earliest stages of dementia.
  • Provides support for the person in early stages to continue to be active.
  • Will then be maintained as the condition develops further.
  • Is equipped with an emergency button in case of emergency so the wearer can be found.
  • Allows for emergency and medical information to be stored and accessed by emergency personnel. Both through an external UPC code as well as internal documents that can be stored, updated and read by connecting to your PC, laptop or cell phone.
  • Emergency medical vehicles will be equipped with the appropriate technology to be able to read the external UPC code.

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