Remember when having long hair was not allowed at some schools?

Well my friend’s times have changed.

School officials at a Tennessee elementary school informed a 7-year-old’s mother that his “high and tight” military-style haircut had to go before he could return to class.

Yes once again, I seem to be saying that quite a bit these days in these blogs, you read that correctly.

In an article from the Washington Times written by Douglas Ernst he is reporting that a teacher at an Elementary School in McMinnville, Tennessee, told the boy’s mother that his haircut, was a distraction.  Mind you he wanted his hair cut in that fashion to honor his step-brother serving in Afghanistan.

They told the mother after the young boy was sent to the principal’s office and given a note for his mother informing her the hairstyle was deemed inappropriate.

According to the article the note contained the following: “We’re not a military school, and it has to be cut or he cannot return to school until it is,” the mother reaction was “It broke my heart. It pretty much crushed a 7-year-old’s dreams”.

Oh by the way the school is named after a Vietnam veteran.

As is common practice the school had no comment.  They just want the taxpayers cash and feel no need to justify themselves to the people who pay them.

Who is running these schools?

Or I should ask what ideology is running these schools?

How can a military style haircut on a boy be considered inappropriate for in a school?

Sounds a bit disrespectful to me.

What are your thoughts?

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