UPDATE: The owner of this business reached out and stated they've never personally refused service to anyone of any reason based on race, religion, sexual orientation or other reasons, and proper action was taken against the employee in question.

There is an allegation which was made by someone on Facebook that Mira Nails on Gull Rd in Kalamazoo refused a gay man service over his sexual orientation on April 29th, according to one resident. Taylor Erdos alleges that when they arrived the lady working said it would be a 40 minute wait and after an hour after he sat down, the man who was supposed to do his nails allegedly refused to do them because of his sexuality. She described the situation when she returned:

I am beyond upset and p***ed off!! Dont ever go to Mira nails on gull road!!!! They are homophobic and refused to do ricky nails. I was outside eating so I came in and said what's going on?? Ricky was confused thought he couldn't do it because his nails are to long ; all he needs was a.fill and color. Nail Lady was like I'm sorry he refuses to do his nails ...


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She went on to elaborate:

I'm like why? She said he's not comfortable doing his nails because he's gay man.... said she's also don't have time do to his nails or she would. Like wtf?!?!? For 1 y'all wasted our time and 2 its 20 f**king 22!!! Get over it!!! I just don't get how people can be so nasty. Me being a big sister watching him hurt I'm heated. All he wants is to feel beautiful for prom tomorrow... this homophobic b**** needs to be fired or something because its not cool. Can't treat people like. Sex race religion we are all human...

We reached out to Mira for a comment but they have yet to respond to these allegations.

The Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, which passed 50 years ago this year, protects people from discrimination based on things like race, religion, sex and even weight. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has been arguing this also covers sexual identity as well, and has been moving for elaboration of this in the law.

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