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A member of the insulated religious group Twelve Tribes has reportedly reached out to the missing man's sister. They have told her that  they can confirm that no one from their group or any of their buses were at the Electric Forest Festival earlier this year. They also offered that if they can be of any other help in efforts to try to find Kevin, not to hesitate reaching out to them again. 

A new theory circulating about a Michigan man who has been missing for several months indicates he may be in Calhoun County, having joined a cult in Marshall. But despite that theory, family members and those close to the situation involving 28-year-old Kevin Graves of Oakland County urge that the most important fact here is that their loved one is still missing.

Kevin was last seen on July 1st while attending the Electric Forest Festival, a four day summer music festival held near Rothbury in Muskegon County. He had attended the festival with his girlfriend and reportedly had been in an argument with her before saying he was going back to their tent to rest. That was the last he was heard from.

Recently, a theory arose that he may have joined an insulated religious group called Twelve Tribes which has an operation called Bear Creek Farm in Marshall. Much of the theory is based on the recruiting tactics of the group which are said to include bringing buses to large concerts, music festivals and other events to encourage young adults to join. There is no evidence that Kevin was approached by or joined this group. In fact, there's no confirmation that Twelve Tribes had a bus at Electric Forest at the time of the disappearance. But Kevin's family is making efforts to contact Twelve Tribes locations, including the one in Marshall, to confirm whether or not he may be there.

Kelly Boers, a missing persons advocate based out of Kalamazoo has been helping Kevin's family in this case and has a Facebook page set up to help spread the word. Boers also wants to make it clear that the theory about him possibly joining Twelve Tribes in Marshall is just that, a theory.

Keep in mind that there really are no new developments. The Twelve Tribes story line is STRICTLY a THEORY. There aren't any sightings or any kind of proof of anything regarding Kevin being with them. The only thing that this story is really about is that KEVIN IS STILL MISSING and that Twelve Tribes does send a bus to events such as the Electric Forest Music Festival as well as many others. We are checking into this theory but it's still just that. A theory by concert goers, not necessarily family members.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Kevin Graves, or has tips as to his whereabouts, is asked to contact the Oakland County Sheriff's office. There is a $10,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.

Missing flier for Kevin Graves
Missing flier for Kevin Graves

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