MLB employees and some of the boys of summer are going to be part of a study on coronavirus antibodies.

According to WZZM, 10,000 employees of Major League Baseball have now entered the front lines on fighting the COVID-19 by being part of a massive study program.

Researchers are trying to find out just how wide this virus has spread across our nation. With many people carrying the virus even though they are not showing any symptoms. While others who have had the virus, some have still tested positive even after symptoms have gone away.

This is where antibodies can be a huge help in figuring out this strain of the coronavirus.

Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory are working with two major universities on this project, Stanford and USC.

The teams are testing for IgM and IgG antibodies. The IgM antibodies come on the front side of catching COVID-19. The IgG is the antibody that hangs after the infection happens. This is how researchers can tell if you had the virus and just didn't know it.

Arizona Diamond Backs, Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants have all agreed to take part in the study.

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