As many of my listeners know, my number one concern with getting our country back on the right track is the news media.

I give examples of their bias, misrepresentation of the facts, out of context statements and out right lying.  Now we have a newspaper accidently revealing their bias to a Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that a staffer for Republican congressman Guy Reschenthaler received an email from the news desk editor, Steven Sybert, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  This email came in response to a press release sent by the staffer to the Post praising the Trump administration's Affordable Clean Energy rule, in that response in all capital letters was:


Congressman Reschenthaler stated:

"Such blatant bias in the newsroom of a major regional newspaper is extremely disappointing, but not at all surprising…This email gives the public an unintended window into the biases that influence much of the news reporting in the mainstream media…What we have suspected all along, this email has confirmed in their own words."

How many more examples do I have to give to prove to people who still do not believe that there is a massive amount of bias in the newsrooms of these papers and news stations around the entire country?

With such bias the “news” media will not cover all political parties and their policies, issues, and statements fairly and accurately.  If the “news” media does not cover the issues fairly we will not be able to right the course of our country and do what is ultimately right for the country and our citizens.

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