The number of concealed carry handgun permits has risen dramatically and murder rates have fallen.  This is according to a new report that will be released on Wednesday, July 15 and reported on in The Washington Times.

According to the report from the Crime Prevention Research Center the following has occurred:

  • Since 2007 the number of concealed handgun permits has soared from 4.6 million to over 12.8 million.
  • More women are getting permits than men.
  • Since 2007, permits for women have increased by 270% and for men by 156%
  • At the same time, murder rates have fallen from 5.6 to 4.2 per 100,000, about a 25 percent drop.
  • Overall violent crime also fell by 25 percent, according to the report.

Gun-rights advocates are quoted in the article saying “It puts the lie to the myth promulgated by anti-gun individuals that somehow more law-abiding citizens carrying guns will lead to more crime. In fact, quite the opposite is the case, more law-abiding citizens own firearms for self-protection and crime continues to decline.”

But anti-gun advocates point to other studies showing concealed handguns are more frequently used for non-defensive killings.

They just cannot admit that murders went down and they appear to be wrong.

Many have been saying for years that when the good people are armed the criminals will not be so apt to target them.

There has to be some reason that gun permits have gone up and murders have decreased, those are hard numbers.

Is it just a coincidence?

Does it not seem logical that when more good people have guns the better the chance those criminals will think twice about committing crimes against a certain segment of society?

What are your thoughts?

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