We have heard about more businesses that are defying Governor Whitmer’s Stay Home/House Arrest orders.  It now appears that more and more Michigan residents are defying her orders.

The New York Times conducted a study of all of our cellphone data location.  You heard that correctly your cellphone provider is selling your location data to whoever will pay them. On that point, the New York Times is not informing us if they were given the account holders' names or not.

They found that approximately 1 million Michigan residents had enough and we're leaving their homes.  Their study concluded that 39% of Michiganders stayed home last week which they say was a decline from its peak of 50%.

The New York Times reported:

"No state saw a larger drop in the share of people staying home last week than Michigan, even though its stay-at-home order remained in place. While half of the state’s residents stayed home on average during the preceding six weeks, that number declined by nearly 11 percentage points last week, as approximately one million people there started moving around again”

Whitmer was not pleased with her constituents ”doubting” her order and stated:

“These executive orders are not a suggestion..They’re not optional. They’re not helpful hints”

To that, all I can say is wow!

You can only push free people so far with “orders” that defy science no matter how much you yell from your pulpit that you are following the science.  Remember this is the woman who stated abortions are “life-sustaining”.

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