It's plain to me.   Liberals love free speech......unless they disagree with you, then they have no use for it.   Unfortunately, there are some Conservatives like that too.   That's what I love about Libertarians.  Free speech is free speech. long as nobody is getting hurt.    They may not know diddly about politics or getting elected, but bless their hearts for standing up for the rights I cherish.

The other day, I posted a video from James O'Keefe of Project Veritas Action, as he tried to "Chalk for Trump" and stage a peaceful demonstration at Columbia University.    One girl sobbed at the thought of someone supporting the Republican nominee. 

His latest trip was to Berkeley, that bastion of free speech, right?   Not so much.

O'Keefe writes: "While in California the other day, I couldn’t help but stop by America’s most liberal city and the very center of every American Snowflake’s world . . . UC Berkeley.  But unlike the other college campuses I’ve visited where students will literally start sobbing over a “micro-aggression” like the word “Trump” written in chalk on a sidewalk, Berkeley students are no Snowflakes.  They’re more like glass shards – they appear all at once and will hurt you if you let them.

While posing as a Trump supporter, Berkeley students worked themselves up into a froth.  As I attempted to build my mini “Wall of Trump” one student after another, kicked it down! So much for the Freedom of Speech universities like Berkeley say they support.  But just as my grandfather would have done, as soon as they tore down my wall, I picked up a brick to start rebuilding.

My unwillingness to run away infuriated Berkeley’s best Social Justice Warriors and before long, I was surrounded by what was probably a hundred students who were screaming things I can’t repeat among polite company. To them, Free Speech only applies to speech they agree with.