The longer you have a vehicle, and the more miles you spend on the road together, the more it becomes almost like an old friend. And like with people, certain milestones end up meaning a lot even though it's ultimately just a giant piece of metal. But I am sure I am not alone by saying that there have been several emotional goodbyes to vehicles I have owned over the years when they finally bit the dust.

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For former Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley, his vehicle, a 2012 Ford Fusion that he bought brand new, has recently reached crossed the 400,000 mile mark. In fact, Calley says that the vehicle was the first new vehicle he ever bought. Looks like he made a really good choice with this Michigan, and American, made vehicle.

In a Facebook post this week, Calley says that the vehicle is now driven by his son, but that it still "drives like a dream". And this really got people talking, sharing their stories about vehicles that put up some impressive mileage. The Facebook post has gathered over 3,600 reactions, 270 comments and 100 shares.

Whether you bought it new or used, what is the most total mileage you have ever seen on the odometer of a vehicle you owned? Let us know in the Facebook comments and I will give you bonus points if you have a photo of the dashboard to show those miles.

Here's to a happy 2022 road trip season in Michigan and a long life for the top four-wheeled friend in your life. Drive safe!

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