Truck driver is lucky to be alive after a random shooting on an Indiana highway.

My Doctor has told me on more than one occasion that if I don't stop drinking Mountain Dew, it's going to kill me.  She clearly hasn't heard about the incident that took place on Interstate 80 in Indiana, less than a mile from the Illinois state line on Monday afternoon.

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Just before 3 P.M. Monday afternoon, a gray Nissan with Illinois license plates pulled up beside a semi-truck on I-80 and fired two shots into the driver's side of the truck.  An Indiana State Trooper arrived on the scene and found that the driver is very lucky to come out of this without injuries as one of the shots narrowly missed striking his leg according to the police report,

Further investigation showed that one of the bullets entered the cab of the truck near the driver’s legs. The bullet continued into the truck striking the cup holder and then a Mountain Dew can.

Right now this is all that the Indiana State Police have to go on:

  • One of the bullets was recovered inside the semi.
  • The suspect was driving Eastbound on I-80 from Illinois to Indiana.
  • The suspect was driving a gray Nissan with Illinois plates.

If you have any information on this shooting or the suspect, please call Trooper Landowski at 219-696-6242.  Your tip can be taken anonymously.

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