Three Rivers School District sent a letter to parents on Monday detailing an unconfirmed case of Mumps at Park Elementry School.

The letter sent home to parents was detailed in describing the illness and steps to prevent it and how they are working to prevent further cases.

A suspected, but unconfirmed, case of mumps has been reported at Park Elementry School. We are working closely with the health department in response to this situation and wanted to make you aware of this issue.

The letter went on to state that if you suspect your child has Mumps to contact your health care provider immediately.

Mumps is a viral disease. Initial signs and symptoms often include fever, muscle pain, headache, and feeling tired. This is then usually followed by painful swelling of one or both parotid salivary glands.

Mumps is highly contagious and spreads rapidly among people living in close quarters.The virus is transmitted by respiratory droplets or direct contact with an infected person. Only humans get and spread the disease.Mumps is preventable by two doses of the mumps vaccine.


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