This is a must-see video for every student and parent in Michigan. Attorney General Dana Nessel released a video today detailing the potential punishment for any and all Michigan students who make a threat against a school.

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Regardless of the fact if the threats are real or meant to be harmless pranks - there will be real and severe consequences. Any student that is thinking of pulling a prank to get a day off of school, had better think again. I believe we all agree that when it comes to any type of threat toward a school or students, no one is laughing.

Attorney General Dana Nessel said the following regarding this matter,

In recent weeks, threats of violence have been reported at schools across Michigan. Local law enforcement agencies have reported threats on social media that number in the hundreds within their own communities.
As a result, kids in our state have missed valuable days of instruction as school administrators are forced to close buildings to keep kids safe.
Whether these are real threats made by those intent on doing harm or pranks made by kids trying to get a day off, they are real crimes with real consequences.

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