Back in 2007 before I even had my own radio talk show I wrote and spoke about our immigration problem here in the United States.

I called these segments Renk's Rants. I use to write these and come into the studio of the radio show I eventually took over and present them on air.

I have played the recording of the immigration Rant on my show the last few months and many of my listeners asked if I could put this particular one on the web so they can access it and share it with others.

I played these on my show to prove to all of you that nothing has changed in the last 10 years. It also proves my point that politicians have been talking about this issue for years yet have never really attempted to fix the issue. Some politicians seem to want this issue to still confront us Americans so they can have a political issue or what they call a wedge issue in which to divide us Americans.

Also in this piece you will find out how the Mexican government deals with their immigration issue and illegal immigration problem.

Click on the following link to hear my immigration rant back in 2007

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