Apparently the NAACP appoints delegates from across the country to vote on their resolutions at their yearly conference.  Those votes set their policies and actions for the upcoming year.

One of those resolutions they voted on this year was whether they support the impeachment of President Trump.  They allege that he has incited racial hate and hostility, wow is that not the pot calling the kettle non-white?

That resolution was passed unanimously.  Sounds to me like an extremely racist resolution and result.  They want President Trump impeached only because they are black and he is white or as the bigoted people on the left like to say orange.  They fact that they are black and he is white is obviously the only reason why they want him impeached and that my friends is either racist or bigoted.

Now those of you who believe that I am off the wall remember anytime a white person called for the impeachment for President Obama for his racial hate and hostility, his lying to the American people every day, his unlawful conduct in office we were told that those people were racist.  There were so many people who would call into my radio show or email me and instruct me how racist the white people who wanted President Obama impeached are.  They would pontificate on how they only wanted him impeached due to the pigment of his skin and it had nothing to do with his behavior, actions and unlawful activity.

We were told that those white people or in some cases they were called the “c” word (crackers) were only calling for his impeachment because of the color of his skin.

How is my thought any different than yours and theirs?

You see the race baiting and political identity game can be played both ways.  How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot?

Interesting how they carry "Love Trumps Hate" signs, see the above picture, but they carry so much hate in their hearts and soul for President Trump and people that disagree with them.  Signs mean absolutely nothing, actions do.

Stop playing your identity politics, race card playing, everyone is evil who does not agree with me game and let us get back to attempting to remember we are all Americans, well most of us for now. We have too many big problems that our ruling class is failing to address so we need to.

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