NASCAR has black-flagged 13 year-old Carson Hocevar and his fans are upset.

MLive via YouTube
MLive via YouTube

On July 16, Carson Hocevar took the checkered flag once again; another step toward continuing his dream to race at NASCAR's highest level. Two weeks later he has been ordered out of the car and cannot race; they say he's too young.

Kalamazoo Speedway fans have known Carson for years. He lives in Portage and grew up at the track, winning just about everything. He has been competing at Berlin Raceway in Marne this season and won the Super Late Model feature on July 16 against racers much older than him.

Following that victory, NASCAR ruled that Carson is too young to race at sanctioned tracks- he will have to wait until he is 14.

Here's what Carson Hocevar's fans have to say about it:

...sounds to me like one of the local guys didn't like being beat by a young kid.

-Driver Mike Corvo

Many more were encouraging, saying things like

13 in age, but more like 25 on track. You're one of the best racers out there...not because you win, but because of how you race others and how you act.


Sorry to see this happen to you , you where having a great season! Keep your head up👍🏁🏁

Others were angry.

What a bunch of crap! Keep your head up C!

Everyone knows this kid is good and they expect Carson Hocevar to be back at the track soon winning races.

Rough, but I want you to know how proud we all are of you kid! Being too young isn't a problem. Next year you'll show them up!


Sorry kid your a heck of s (sic) driver cant wait to see you up there in nascar one dsy (sic).

Bonus Video: Carson Hocevar in Victory Lane at Berlin Raceway

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