I seriously needed a day before deciding what to do with my bracket. The Sunday games concluded late and I watched Northern Iowa play solid but lose to Louisville, Dayton play horribly against Oklahoma and Michigan State knock out Virginia for the second straight year.

I had not yet recovered from the biggest blow, Villanova falling to North Carolina State the night before, so I definitely needed a breather.

It has been a long time since I had very few of the Sweet 16 left on my page. I just needed one digit on a second hand to describe how low it has become this year. I'm usually pretty solid until the regional weekend but fall apart. This year has been quite different and for the NCAA Tournament, somewhat normal.

I can't complain, I still have three of my Final Four left!

Lets share some comments and recap the tourney so far! Maybe there is a future champion out of the 16 remaining!

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