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You are not going to believe this one, or maybe you will.  As I have told you in the past that many liberals in powerful positions are really mean.

Well here is another example.

EAG News has uncovered a YouTube video of the National Education Association president Lily Eskelsen García at a gala sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future, a left-leaning political outfit, in which she states the following:

“We diversify our curriculum instruction to meet the personal individual needs of all of our students the blind, the hearing impaired, the physically challenged, the gifted and talented, the chronically tarded and the medically annoying”.

If you watch the video you will see she is reading from a written statement, which means she actually thought about what she was going to say before she said it, and wrote it down.

Now do you think she is the type of person who should be around children and actually cares about children?

Once she was exposed Ms. Garcia attempted to apologize on the NEA website, she wrote the following:

 “I meant to say ‘the chronically tardy,’ but that’s not what came out, I was making the point that we adapt daily lesson plans and schedules to meet the needs of students who, often through no fault of their own, are never on time. Tardiness can be a huge factor in poor academic performance.”

Ms. García also said she is totally sorry for concluding that “medically annoying” would be a good choice of words.

Hmmm, do you believe her?

Even if you accept her excuse for “chronically traded”, she did admit to “medically annoying”.  Really some children are “medically annoying”?

The elected leaders, either in the public or private sector, of this ideologue harbor deep seated angry attitudes toward people.

I am very concerned about our future generations when we have people like her being around them and infecting them with her attitudes.

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