Yesterday voting was held to add new city codes to the city of Kalamazoo, which could have affected the homeless' occupancy of certain areas, like Bronson Park. Some of the changes would have reduced certain penalties for specific behaviors bringing select misdemeanors down to civil infractions, making them no longer a criminal offence. However, other changes would have restricted activity allowed in city parks.

Protestor Nathan Erickson was upset at the changes being attempted and told Fox 17:

They’re trying to make it a crime to be destitute. They’re trying to make it a crime to be lower class [or] no class.

Many homeless gathered last night outside City Hall and even more went inside after 7 p.m. to speak at the gathering, to voice their displeasure with the new laws. After the public outcry, the motion to amend the park rules did not pass, which means the current rules will stay in place.



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