Wouldn't it be weird to find a new island? That is what happened a few days ago in this lake in Michigan. Along with this new island there is another weird thing with it in that it is moving. You might have a few questions and hopefully this can answers how this island appeared and is moving in a Michigan lake.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the island is in Muskegon Lake and the island doesn't have a name yet, because it was recently found. The island is about the length of two pontoon boats maybe longer, so it is one of the larger floating islands that have been found.

The island is formed due to high water levels and erosion which can happen every year, sometimes a couple of times a year, and usually it results in smaller floating islands. This one is one of the biggest ones that have been found but many locals don't seem to know if the island is from Muskegon Lake or Lake Michigan. The vegetation on the island isn't known by locals around Muskegon Lake so many assume the island was formed by vegetation from Lake Michigan. The only way someone is going to find out is if they dock and get on the island, which isn't so easy since the island moves and you would probably sink if you stepped on it.

You can see more about the island below including a fly over of the island.

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