Will it work, maybe it will maybe it will not but at least someone is trying.

State Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons, R-Alto, introduced legislation yesterday that is going to attempt to make Jill Stein to pay for the entire cost of the Michigan Presidential election recount.

The bill state Representative Lyons introduced, House Bill 6097, would create a retroactive law, the law would retroactively take effect on Jan. 1, 2016, that would require candidates who finish more than 5% behind the declared winner in an election to pay the full cost of a recount in Michigan.

Sounds fair to me how about you?

We must give her credit for trying.  Why should the taxpayers of Michigan be on the hook to pay $4,000,000 or more for a recount that Ms. Stein has no chance of changing the election results for herself?  Under current Michigan Law Green Party candidate Ms. Stein is only responsible to pay for $973,250 of the recount that is now estimated to be approximately $5,000.000.

Ms. Stein finished a very distant fourth place in the presidential election with 51,463 votes, more than 2.2 million behind Republican Donald Trump.  President-Elect Donald Trump’s margin over Ms. Stein is by more than 46 percentage points.

Michigan State Representative Lyons was quoted in a Detroit News article stating:

I think what’s most captivating about this recount is the fact that the candidate themselves (Stein) has acknowledged that this recount is not meant to nor will it change the outcome for the election for that candidate

In response to the bill Ms. Stein’s Michigan lawyer Mark Brewer was quoted in the same Detroit News article stating:

You can’t retroactively change the law in the middle of a petition drive. If they pass it, we’ll see what a federal judge says. You can’t change the law to punish one individual.

Mr. Brewer believes the retroactive clause in the legislation is aimed at “punishing” his client and that would be unconstitutional.

I have to admit it is a long shot to implement this bill retroactively but it is nice to see a Michigan Representative try.  Why it is that the taxpayers of Michigan must constantly pay for these politicians and wanna be politicians whims and publicity.  If the cost do come in around $5,000,000 that means the Ms. Stein is only on the hook to pay for approximately 20% of the cost and us the Michigan taxpayers the remanding 80%.

As a Michigan taxpayer I am tired of paying for these politicians’ hissy fits, it is one thing to pay for the hissy fits of the people we have elected but now for wanna be politicians who have virtually no chance of changing the results of the election for themselves.

Or is the true person behind this Hillary Clinton who would have a very slight chance of changing the results of the election for herself.

You decide.

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