For those who tend to hang with the darker crowd, a new bar is opening in Detroit that may make cocktail bar traditionalists squirmish. But that may be the point of "The Black Salt," a Witchcraft Cocktail Bar which will be open soon in Detroit. The bar clearly appeals to a particular crowd, which the owner feels will give similar Detroit area residents new place to call the go-to spot. Zoey Ashwood is an artist who crafted the idea and recently revealed what patrons can expect from her new place of business:

Serving up cocktails that focus on the metaphysical and homeopathic properties of ingredients, we will be mixing up drinks for conjuring prosperity, attraction, breaking hexes, opening up intuition, finding clarity of mind, and much more. Both spirited and non-spirited drinks will be made from locally sourced and foraged ingredients, as well as home made infusions, bitters, and cordials. In addition, we will serve speciality coffee, tea, and mineral waters. Bring your tarot cards, pendulums, and divination tools, or borrow some resources from the bar. Find a seat on a comfy Victorian couch and enjoy our lounge atmosphere.
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Interesting History Behind The Building

The Black Salt building located at 2763 Florian St. in Hamtramck has a history that dates all the way back to Prohibition era where it allegedly doubled as a speak-easy and Real Estate building and through the years has been everything from a bar to a nightclub. There hasn't been an open date as of yet but she's targeting this winter to get the doors open. You can follow the bar's progress here.

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