With the pandemic and the holidays, phone scammers are out in full force.

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The Newaygo County Sheriff's office is warning residents about a phone scam they've gotten several calls about this week. A scammer will call and tell you they're a member of the Sheriff's Office and that you are non-compliant with a court order.

The caller has spoofed the department's number to make it look like that's where the calls are coming from. You're then asked to type in extension 703.

You'll be asked to take care of this matter by meeting with police -- but first stop off and pick up some gift cards...

Yep, that's definitely a red flag. According to the Michigan Attorney General's office, gift cards are the leading payment method requested in most consumer scams. Remember, no reputable company or government agency will ever demand payment via gift card.

The thing is, sometimes these callers can be really convincing, and they are hoping that the person getting the call is distracted or possibly elderly and that they can con them into believing the BS they're peddling.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be law enforcement and asking for payment in the form of gift card - hang up. Do not not give them any information.

Sounds like Newaygo police are working to track the scammers, saying, "Dear bad guy, stop hanging up on us when we call you back, we need your address to stop in and give you our gifts cards..."

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