After a few high-end vehicles, this edition of Nico's New Rides brings us back down to the more affordable end of the Lakeview Ford Lincoln lineup. However, as we saw this time around, the 2020 Ford Escape SE really has a ton of value and features for its price point!

For the 2020 model year, Ford completely revamped the well-loved Escape model, giving it a facelift and a suite of wonderful features. The SE we tested has features including all-wheel drive, an advanced climate control system, heated seats, lane monitoring, and a lot more. The standout feature for me, though, was the adaptive cruise control, or ACC.

ACC has been included in vehicles we've covered before, but this was my first time really using it. And let me tell you, now that I've tried it, it really is so convenient. ACC lets you set your speed and the distance you'd like to keep from the vehicle in front of you, and it handles your speed adjustments for you.

I used this feature on a trip to Portage and back, and it really made things a lot less stressful.

Things like this, and the general quality you get from the 2020 Ford Escape SE, make you really appreciate the value this vehicle really is. I won't spoil the price for you, but check out our video to be blown away!