For around a decade, I personally had difficulty keeping all the different models in Lincoln's line-up straight, with most of the vehicles being named with three letters starting with "MK".

Well, the Lincoln product line is being refreshed, and one of the vehicles that has resulted is the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus!

Here on Nico's New Rides, Lakeview Ford-Lincoln of Battle Creek gave us the chance to take the Nautilus for a spin and become acquainted with this new crossover. This was the first Lincoln I got to review for this series, and I must say it doesn't disappoint. As you'd expect from a Lincoln, it is luxurious in even the smallest ways.

Yes, the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus has the features you'd expect, such as high quality leather throughout the cabin, wood trim in all the right places, and a giant panoramic moonroof; but beyond that, it has things like a frameless rearview mirror, a hyper-adjustable front seat to get that perfect position, and ambient lighting featuring the Lincoln logo that illuminates the ground when you open the doors. This attention to detail truly makes the Nautilus stand out and gives you the complete luxurious experience.

The aesthetics of this vehicle work together to give the Nautilus a unified, refined feel, that you can only get in a Lincoln.

The final stand-out to me with the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus is the commitment to technology in service of the driver. You get the fantastic Sync 3 infotainment system we're familiar with, but also unique features including an "eco trainer" to help you improve fuel economy while accelerating and braking, and a lane-keeping system that helps automatically keep the vehicle centered in it's lane; that's quite useful for long highway drives!

With the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus, you get the luxurious Lincoln retro-futurism vibes you're familiar with, packaged around a super high-tech core. Check out the video to see more and get a tour!