A Calhoun County Sheriff’s deputy that had struck and killed an 11-year-old boy while reporting to a call during Memorial Day weekend will not be charged.

Sheriff Matt Saxton was notified by Michigan State Police investigators Monday that they have completed their investigation following the death of Norman Hood, Jr., earlier this year. The Jackson County prosecutor’s office, asked to review the case due to Calhoun County conflict of interest, will not be seeking charges. They determined that proof of criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt was not found from the evidence.

Authorities say the deputy, who has been on paid administrative leave since the May 28th incident, was reporting to a burglary in progress in Springfield while they were assigned to Pennfield Township. The deputy was driving westbound on West Michigan without lights and siren when Hood, also riding a mini-bike westbound on West Michigan, attempted to turn left. The turn went in front of the police cruiser.

A civil case is still pending in Circuit Court, where the family is seeking $25 million from the county.

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