There will be no restrictions or ban on legally owned and carried firearms at the Michigan State Capitol. At least anytime soon. The State Capitol Commission is voting 4-2 to keep existing policies in place which do not restrict legally carried firearms from being brought into the capitol. There’s a chance money and lawsuits may have had an impact on the commission's decision.  In a thinly veiled threat from the State Attorney General’s office, the Commission is being told there are circumstances where the Attorney General will represent the commission based on its decisions about firearms and circumstances where it will not.  And it could easily cost millions to set up and maintain a firearms barrier for the Capitol. Attorney General Dana Nessel is not hiding the fact she’d like to see an outright ban on weapons carried in the Capitol.

It should not be overlooked that a major Second Amendment rights event is planned at the capitol on Thursday.  An event earlier in the year saw some Second  Amendment supporters enter the capitol with legally carried firearms. Some state lawmakers, all Democrats, claimed they feared for their lives and left. There were no situations other than some people admitting to feeling tense knowing legally armed Michigan residents were nearby. State Legislative Leaders are offering to meet with the Capitol Commission to talk about the related issues to see if some sort of communications plan can be arrived at. They say they won’t be meeting about imposing any restrictions.

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