If you're talking on your cell phone while driving your car in the City of Battle Creek, the police could pull you over under a new ordinance.

The City of Battle Creek's Commission met Tuesday, and on their agenda was an ordinance which implements a stricter definition of distracted driving than the rest of the state; in Michigan, it's illegal to text and drive, but this ordinance also prohibits talking on the phone and "sending, receiving, and reading" any data on a cell phone while behind the wheel. Use of a hands-free device will still be allowed.

The ordinance was introduced last month by Commissioner Kaytee Faris. 

On Wednesday, Mayor Mark Behnke tells 95.3 WBCK that the ordinance passed unanimously passed at the meeting. He says that while it might be difficult for people to make these changes, he says "I think it puts a different spin on how people should drive", and that "it's gonna be a life changing opportunity".

Those who break these new rules could be ticketed. The ordinance goes into effect February 15.

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