Detroit Police Chief James Craig is telling city residents he will not let any group set up a Seattle zone of lawlessness. “That is non-negotiable.” Craig met with reporters yesterday to review the violence that erupted in Detroit over the weekend.  A protest group calling itself “Detroit Will Breathe” blocked a major intersection, Woodward Ave.  and John R.  That’s in the heart of downtown Detroit. The Chief says the crowd was given at least 8 warnings to disperse. When the crowd refused to budge, officers were sent in to recover control. In the end, 44 arrests were made. Not quite half were Detroit city residents, the rest mainly from suburbs and Ann Arbor.

The city police department has been thanked by many for the quick response, but vilified by others who felt the department approach was too tough. But Chief Craig says Seattle will not be repeated in Detroit.  Seattle city administrators kept that city’s police at bay while terrorist protesters took over several city blocks for more than two weeks in June, leaving millions in damages.

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