Many in Michigan are saying that the pay and benefits of teachers in Michigan are so bad that teachers do not want to teach in Michigan.

As reported in a recent Michigan Capitol Confidential article I read, even right leaning columnist Nolan Finley the Opinion Editor of the Detroit News stated in a recent column

“Teaching is falling out of fashion as a profession. That’s particularly true in Michigan, where teachers feel they have been scapegoated for failing schools and asked to bear the brunt of the budget woes. Attracting the best and brightest into classrooms is a challenge, keeping them there an even greater one.”

Well the MI Cap Con article has found that they can find no “convincing evidence” to support claims made by union, state officials and others that attracting teachers to Michigan is becoming more difficult.

Surprise, Surprise! Michigan teachers rank second in the nation in terms of salary when the cost-of-living is factored in, according to an analysis done by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.  Maryland ranked No. 1; Illinois was No. 3 followed by New York and California.

According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Michigan ranked seventh nationally based solely on average teacher salary at $63,023 (that is about 78,800 a year when it is annualized) according to the National Education Association. New York led the county at $71,633.

May I remind you that teachers in Michigan have much better benefits than the private sector and they have a pension, I know of no private companies that offer pensions anymore, do you?

There are nine school districts in Michigan with only 10 teacher job openings but they have 223 applicants/teachers applying for those positions.

So now you know all the facts.

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