WHY wasn't this a thing when I was in high school?

As reported by freep.com, there's a spectacularly unique tradition that's held by North Farmington High School in regards to their student identification cards.

Each year, the school's seniors dress up as their favorite fictional or meme worthy character to pose for their official I.D. photos and they take it seriously. The photos are shared by the students on Twitter using the hashtag, #NFID22. As well, you can see the photos from past students by searching #NFID21, #NFID20 and so on.

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Talk about understanding the assignment, take a look at just a few of these hilarious recreations:

North Farmington High School Students as Their Favorite Fiction Characters:

Starting off strong with this duo. Josh and Allen dressed up as the infamous Bikini Bottom superheroes Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Jessica absolutely nailed it with her rendition of Jess from New Girl

Leah's outfit imitating the Fairy God Mother from Shrek 2 even came with her very own fairy wings

Fans of the show 'Friends' should have no problem identifying this fictional character portrayed by Felicity

Cade went with the classic superhero, Superman

Why did no one tell me that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air attended this school? Great job done by Tyler

Another duo, Hannah and Amelia combined their efforts to pose as Rapunzel and Mother Gothel from 'Tangled'

If you don't immediately recognize this character I am begging you to watch the video below the tweet. Job well done by this student.

Too bad D'Angelo can't add the caption from his tweet to his I.D. because that's a great portrayal of Frozone from The Incredibles

Francis decided to go with the Biblical character, Jesus. The hair and beard match perfectly

I'm dying to know if that's an actual fish in the bag used to complete this Darla costume from 'Finding Nemo'.

Brenden may have just won this by perfectly dressing up Walter from Breaking Bad

The goatee made of ink, the mole, the bright blush and eyeshadow...Jessica did this character justice. Well done.

And finally, Hailey paid tribute to a viral story about the girl who glued her hair down with Gorilla Glue...

That is certainly one of the most unique senior student traditions I've seen. And I'm so impressed with how dedicated all of them are to this project. And those were just a few of the many you can see on Twitter. Again,  just search the hashtag #NFID22 to see all of the contributions. 

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