When the pandemic arrived, Michigan's Secretary of State offices shut down and basically transformed into an online business.

I have no problem getting my vehicle tags online and to be honest, I like it so I don't have to go to the SOS office, grab a number and sit and wait, and wait, and wait to finally get my vehicle tags.

I have used the online tag system two years in a row and had no problem with it.

Well now that things are re-opening, the only way to get into the SOS office is to set an appointment. Seems easy right?

I bought a fishing boat and need to register the boat to my name and get tags for it but I have found that setting an appointment is darn near impossible.

Sure if you want to set an appointment for a month or so from now, that may be a different story but if you want to get into the SOS building within 24 hours, it seems nearly impossible.

The SOS has a system of you go their site at 8 am or at Noon each day to try and set an appointment for the next day. Again this sounds much easier than it is.

I log on to the site every morning and have been for weeks and have never gotten in to be able to set an appointment and it is getting more frustrating than sitting in their office waiting for my number to be called. At least doing it that way I could something accomplished within an hour or so and be done with it.

It's starting to become a part-time job trying to get an appointment and it shouldn't be this hard.

If you have any need in your near future that requires a personal visit like a drivers license photo, first licenses, I.D., title, or registration change, I highly recommend you planning way ahead on this project because you too may find its a "project" when dealing with this new version of the SOS.

So you know, they are scheduling appointments 2 months out, I just tried to get an appointment and the first opening is during the last week of August.