I am often perplexed by the Democratic Party's positions these days.  They pronounce daily they support women but then turn around and call a body part of theirs a “congenital defect”.

Hang with me here and I will explain it.

The state of California is running exclusively by Democrats.  They hold their House and Senate by large numbers and currently have the Governor’s seat.  They run every facet of government including the state insurance commission.

The news site Just the News is reporting that the California Department of Insurance general counsel recently wrote an opinion letter.  That opinion letter stated that based on their interpretation of state law, insurance companies cannot refuse to cover "mastectomy and creation of a male chest" for someone being treated for gender dysphoria solely because of their age.

That letter signed by the California Department of Insurance General Counsel and Deputy Commissioner Kenneth Schnoll was in response to an inquiry from TransFamily Support Services.  According to a press release, TransFamily is concerned that girls suffering from the psychological diagnosis of gender dysphoria under the age of 18 were being denied double mastectomies due to their age.  Apparently, insurance companies saw these requests as cosmetic as opposed to medically necessary.

The California Department of Insurance letter they state:

"in an individual diagnosed with gender dysphoria, who is born with female characteristics and identifies as male, the presence of a female chest is an abnormal body structure caused by gender dysphoria, which is a medically recognized condition within the meaning of Insurance Code section 10123.88."

A female’s breast can be considered “an abnormal body structure”?

Would this be considered an attack on women?

I assume only if Republicans were to make such outlandish statements.

It gets even worse.  The letter goes on to state that when gender-dysphoric patients transition from female to male, the adult female chest counts among "abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects".  Thus the double mastectomies as part of their sex reassignment are to be covered by insurance as "reconstructive surgery" rather than "cosmetic surgery” which is not covered.

I have a couple of concerns with their proclamations.

One is they defeat their own argument that the female was born with breasts that were caused by a “congenital defect” which makes them “abnormal structures”.  If you believe in science and biology is part of science, you are born either a female or a male.  Thus if science/biology states you are a female then being born with breasts is not a “congenital defect” or “abnormal structures” as Democrats in California now believe so.

The second concern is the fact that we have the state of California calling women’s breasts “abnormal structures” of the body caused by “congenital defects” if a woman is suffering from Gender Dysphoria.  That is a horrible thing to say about women and the body parts they were born with.

According to the Mayo Clinic:

“Gender dysphoria is a diagnosis listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association to diagnose mental conditions.”

I understand we must help people who are born with Gender Dysphoria but to go to such links as to call their breast a “congenital defect” and “abnormal structures” is digesting to me.

The Democrats in California making these decisions should have a bit more concern and respect for women and stop body shaming them.

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