As we get older and we think we have heard it all, along comes another surprise. During his State of the Campus address the University of Maryland President, Wallace Loh, defended illegal immigrants and used both English and Spanish during his State of the Campus speech.

You would think the story would end there, we all know how extreme left who comprise the majority of college campuses are and their desire to set up “sanctuary campuses”, which Mr. Loh has done at his college.  Well the story did not end there.

According to The Diamondback School newspaper junior sociology major and University Senate member Ashley Vasquez also asked President Loh if he wanted to apologize for speaking in Spanish in part of his speech, at least the part that discussed protecting “undocumented students”.  She was quoted in the school newspaper that Spanish is not the only language of illegal immigrants and she stated that speaking in Spanish:

 does not represent the entire immigrant community here

So there you go, we now have come to the time when people who support illegal immigration and breaking the law via sanctuary cities and campuses, are getting upset with each other because the illegal immigrants they support do not speak the language of the illegal immigrants the other group supports.  This sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch or the scene from the Anchor Man movie when the competing news groups fought against each other in an alley.

The President of University of Maryland Mr. Loh, who by the way grew up in Peru, responded in the following manner:

I simply said that I completely support — I said in Spanish what I previously said in English.  Are you asking me to apologize because I'm speaking in Spanish, which is the first language I learned?

Interesting when people who support breaking federal law are fighting against each other.

The sociology student Ashley Vazquez later told The Diamondback school paper that she was offended because, by speaking in Spanish, Mr. Loh implied that immigrants were exclusively of a “Latinx” background.

What is next rival drug gangs fighting against each other, or wait that already happens.

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