Did you know that Democrat Gov. Jennifer Granholm cut state funding to K-12 schools 3 out of her last 4 budgets?


Did you also know that Gov. Rick Snyder's increased state funding to K-12 schools in all of his first four budgets, up to a record $12 billion in 2014-15, according to the Senate Fiscal Agency.

As Charles Owens, state director of the National Federation of the Independent Businesses stated "If you repeat a lie long enough, people begin to believe it,”

We wonder why politician's (i.e. Mark Schauer and his democrat colleagues in Michigan) and lobbyist (school unions) do not tell the truth to the citizens of Michigan, because it works.

A Denno-Research poll in March showed that many Michigan residents believed that Gov. Snyder cut funding. The question was asked, “In the three years that Governor Rick Snyder has been in office, do you think he overall has increased or decreased spending for K-12 schools?” 53.8 percent of the people polled said they thought he decreased spending on K-12 schools. Just 18 percent thought Gov. Snyder had increased spending and 24 percent either didn't know, were unsure or refused to answer.

But even democrat gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer knows that Michigan schools are getting increased funding from the state. In the August issue of the MEA Voice magazine, Schauer is quoted in the article stating that the Republicans have increased funding to Michigan schools, here is his quote "With most Michigan schools getting about 29 cents more per pupil per school day, at the current rate of inflation, this means districts will actually get less in next year's budget than they did this year," Schauer said.

So ask yourselves, if they are willing to not be honest with you while trying to get elected i.e. politicians or begging the state for more taxpayers dollars i.e. school unions (MEA) what do you think they will do when they are in office?