Getty Images By: Scott Olson

Yesterday we spoke about the misinformation the Obama Administration feed to us the American people that the illegals aliens they let go last year did not have serious criminal records.

Now we find out that a sheriff in Pinal Co., AZ  has informed us that the Obama administration not only "knowingly lied" about releasing criminal illegal immigrants but also will not release the names of those criminals to law enforcement so they can protect you the american citizen.

The sheriff said he sent a letter to DHS Assistant Secretary John Morton over a year ago to try and find out the names of the criminals released in his county.

And what has been the response from the President and Democrats....SILENCE!

The sheriff stated "I need to protect the citizens of my county and God knows where these individuals are. And they have a greater propensity for recidivism, the return to crime, because they're not even from our country. And they have committed some of the most egregious crimes of murder and armed robbery and assault against a cop."

Now ask yourself the following:

Why did the Obama Administration and the Democrat party release illegal aliens with serious criminal records (kidnapping, sexual assault, drug trafficking and homicide.)?

Why did they knowingly lie to the American people?

Why will they not give the names of the illegal aliens who committed serious crimes?

Then ask yourself how you could reward these people with your vote?

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