A theft suspect picked the wrong place to lay low while attempting to escape capture in Austintown, Ohio last week.

Last Sunday afternoon local law enforcement responded to a theft call at a Walmart in a small suburb of Youngstown, Ohio called Austintown.  A 30-year-old woman allegedly scanned 181 items valued at over $2,000 only to intentionally walk out without paying for them according to WKBN,

Police said that they were called to a Walmart on Mahoning Avenue around 3:30 p.m. A Walmart employee said that they followed Laura Fowler, 30, out of the store after she refused to pay for scanned items.

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Apparently, the suspect spotted the police car looking for her so she quickly ducked into Lane Funeral Home.  The police spotted a dead ringer for the suspected shoplifter walking into the local funeral home.  She may have picked the wrong time and place to go "underground" as she entered the funeral home during calling hours.  Calling hours is a term that refers to the time when family members come into the funeral home to see their deceased relative after they have been prepared for the funeral.  So, not the best time to use the funeral home as a hideout.

The police officers were able to grab the suspect as she attempted to make her escape out the side exit of the funeral home.  I'm assuming her Walmart shopping bags were a dead giveaway.  She was charged and booked for theft charges.

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