I wanted to say something a couple of months ago after the Save A Lot on Stadium Dr in Kalamazoo closed down about it becoming a Spirit Halloween this Fall, but I didn't wanna be cliche or possibly be wrong having another business move in, but something about the notion just spoke to me. Now we can officially say that the abandoned building intuition was correct and it is indeed a spirit Halloween. Back in February, the owners of the store decided to close down, with multiple employees taking to social media to make the announcement:

To our valued loyal customers. I want you to know that Save A Lot food store on stadium dr. Kalamazoo will be closing its doors permanently on Feb 27th. We at the store have enjoyed serving you all for the last 7 years, and thank you all.

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Another commenter had apparently known the owners of multiple Save A Lot stores and said that cost increases and the pandemic had made their businesses very difficult to manage and compete with large retailers. Now, the ghosts of former customers may lurk in the night inside the new Halloween store.

As of now this location, along with the Timid Rabbit on West Main are the only retailers to offer Halloween costumes outside of grocery stores. There was a Halloween Shop on West Main which acted as the location for Spirit Halloween in the past, although there's no word on whether or not it'll re-open in that location.

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