Rosanna Arquette has not been in any films or TV shows of note, that I know of, for quite a while so perhaps we can chalk this up to her wanting people to know she is still alive.

Two days ago she tweeted:

I’m sorry I was born white and privileged.  It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame

I would have embedded the actual tweet but the courageous Ms. Arquette has made her Twitter page private, soon after that tweet.

Why would anyone feel the need to apologize for something they have absolutely no control over?  Perhaps she does not understand this concept or has no idea about science, biology and genes.  For those of you who may agree with her I did mean to write “genes” and not jeans, look it up.  Before you get upset I am just attempting to have some fun here.

Is this what part of our society has come to, we must apologize for the color of our skin, that is awfully bigoted of her.

Or is this as I suggested just a desperate cry out for attention.

The craziness of the left has been on display for the past week and should scare anyone who might think of voting this party into any office let alone the Presidency.

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