A 22-year-old Battle Creek man was arrested on charges of assault with a motor vehicle and malicious destruction of property after Battle Creek police said he was involved in a road rage incident about 1:24 a.m. Monday.

Officers said another Battle Creek man, 26, and woman 19, told them they were nearly in a crash before pulling into a McDonald's restaurant on West Columbia Avenue. The two were in the drive-thru lane to place an order when an SUV pulled behind them and the other driver approached and began to argue about the near-crash. The victim said he was struck in the face by the other man. A worker at the restaurant announced over a loud speaker she was calling police. The victim said he began to leave but became stuck in the snow and that the SUV then rammed his vehicle several times and the driver got out and smashed the windows on the victim's car with a crowbar or pipe. The driver of the SUV then left but police located the vehicle on LaVista Boulevard and stopped the driver.

The driver of the SUV told officers he was nearly hit by the other car and followed him into the parking lot of the restaurant. The 22 year old Battle Creek man said he was struck in the face by the other driver and they exchanged some punches and that his vehicle was struck by the other man's car. The driver of the SUV was taken to the Calhoun County jail.

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