It was a brush-covered vehicle, containing an “unconscious” man, which alerted Calhoun County Sheriff's deputies to the location of a wanted criminal believed to be involved in a series of auto thefts, and burglaries throughout Calhoun and Jackson Counties.  

At around 8:30 p.m., Saturday evening, the Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch Authority received a call, from a concerned caller, concerning a suspicious vehicle parked in the area of 27 Mile Road near H Drive. The vehicle had brush placed on it, in an attempt to conceal it, and a possible unconscious person had been parked in it for over an hour. Little did the caller realize that they had stumbled upon a one-man crime spree that had been plaguing Calhoun and Jackson counties with a series of burglaries and car thefts.  

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Calhoun County Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene and discovered a 19-year-old Albion man who was wanted on pending burglary warrants. He was also a person of interest in several stolen vehicles and break-ins. The brush-covered vehicle was identified as being stolen from Jackson County and several catalytic converters were discovered in it. It appeared that crawling under parked vehicles, with a cutter, may have been another part of the suspected thief's repertoire.    

Deputies promptly arrested the suspect without incident, and it was during interviews that the man confessed to several burglaries, stolen vehicles, and fleeing and eluding. He also provided the location of another stolen vehicle from Pennfield Township. The vehicle was located and recovered in a rural section of Jackson County. The unidentified suspect no longer needs to dwell in the stuffy confines of a stolen car, tormented by mosquitos, high heat, and humid temperatures. He is now residing in the environmentally controlled environ of the Calhoun County Jail. 

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