A drunk VA nurse walks into a Veteran Affairs room and operates on a veteran after chugging 4 or 5 beers and the VA tells us it will take almost a year to fire him.

No that is not a joke it is what our government, their regulations and their unions have come to, protect the people who do not deserved to be protected.

The Daily Caller is reporting about Richard J. Pieri, a 59-year-old VA nurse who has been charged with reckless endangerment, driving under the influence and being drunk in public.

This VA nurse operated on a veteran after he had slammed down at least four or five beers while at the Mohegan Sun Pocono casino.

By the way he admitted to what he did according to the article.

Fine, you would think it should take a week to put up or shut up with the evidence then fire him.  Well officials from the Department of Veteran Affairs have confirmed to the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs that it will take “no less than 270 days to punish” this nurse.

The VA official was quoted in the article stating:

“I wish I had an easier answer but I do not, the minimum amount of time that it takes is 270 days from the date of issuance of the proposed major adverse action, but it takes time to gather the evidence and write the proposal notice prior to its issuance.  Extensions of these timelines are often granted during the reply period to the proposal notice and during the appeal process, at the appellant’s request, in order to ensure the appellant’s due process is not violated so as to cause a 3rd party to overturn the decision in federal court.”

Red tape then more red tape and even more red tape after the last two red tapes, a bureaucratic quagmire. This is one of the reasons I am against public union.  We who pay federal income tax will be paying this guy during this entire period.  We cannot let this person come close to another veteran, can we?

I bet you that the veterans who saw action probably stupidly thought their only threat of being harmed by another person would have been the enemy they were fighting.  How silly of a thought.  Their new concern of possibly being harmed in action is when they show up at a VA hospital where the government and unions protect people who could harm them.


Republican Congressmen Jeff Miller was quoted in the article stating:

“Almost every day we are reminded that the federal civil service system is designed to coddle and protect corrupt and incompetent employees and that the Obama administration’s refusal to address this dysfunctional status quo is doing real harm to veterans and taxpayers.  The latest installment in this depressing saga is VA’s confirmation that it will take nearly a year at a minimum to discipline Pieri for something he’s already admitted to.”

Enough is enough, it is time to cut through all this red tape and people who deserved to be fired should be fired in a very short timeline.  If the unions do not want to get on aboard with us then they should not be allowed to skim taxpayer dollars off of the good employees.

Do you agree with me or not?

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