This seems... odd. But owning even just a small piece of something so iconic to the state does sound pretty cool.

You can actually own a piece of the Mackinac Bridge, but there's only a few days left to get in on the auctions.

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Over the years, the Mighty Mac will obviously need some maintenance, and with that maintenance, comes some replacement of parts. In years past, crews would normally scrap parts of the bridge that needed to be removed and replaced.

However, residents of Michigan asked if there was any way they could "own" a part of the bridge. The result was reducing the amount of wasted material from replacing parts of the bridge, and bringing in some additional funding for bridge upkeep, all while residents of Michigan get to own part of, arguably, the most visual representative of the state.

"Originally, we would just take them to the scrap yard and then we had people ask if they could purchase them. Auctioning is one way that we get a fair price for these things so it has been more than five years that we have been doing the auctions." - Kim Nowak, Director of the Mackinac Bridge Authority

So now, twice a year, parts removed and replaced from the Mackinac Bridge can be found on auction sites. Right now, there are six pieces of the ORIGINAL steel deck grating up for auction. BUT, they're only available for a few more days.

So get your bids in now if you want to own a piece of the Mighty Mac. Not sure what I'd do with a 35x5-foot section of metal grate walkway, but... I'm SURE I could find a use for it.

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