No trolls need apply. The City of South Haven is looking for someone to run their drawbridge for the summer boating season.

While students are on vacation, Summer jobs should be fun jobs. Hanging out at the beach or the pool as a lifeguard, walking the docks at a marina, being a park ranger- these are the best Summer jobs. Bridge tender is a made-in-Michigan way to spend the season.

The City of South Haven is looking for someone to run the bascule bridge on the Black River. (Bascule is just a fancy name for this type of drawbridge.) The operator watches for boat traffic needing clearance to navigate the Black River to and from Lake Michigan, then halts vehicle traffic on land and raises the bridge for the boat; rinse and repeat as necessary.

I'm lazy. It's an excellent job for a lazy person.

-Seattle bridge tender Bill Dickenson

Although this sounds like a dream job, I'm sure it has its ups and downs.

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