Tuesday is the big day – the mid-term election-- with both parties whipping their base like a rented mule.  Both sides are imploring their supporters – ‘you got to get out there and vote.’ And neither side really knows what’s going to happen tomorrow – it’s that close.  We all remember how unpredictable things were last year.  In some states, maybe 30% of the people ‘early voted.’  A lot of you listening probably voted absentee ballot already.   So, whatever is going to happen  probably already happened.  We just don’t know about it yet.

Due Diligence

The main thing now is that you have a very little time left to take a few minutes and think about these things.  Google Ballotpedia.  You’ll find some really good down the middle info.  You can also get your exact ballot on line thru the State of Michigan Voter Information Center website or Calhoun County Election website.

Ballot Proposals

I like that absentee voters can take the thing home and ponder and research.  I’m not crazy about Prop 3 though.  The only new thing I like there is no-reason absentee voting, but frankly, you don’t need much of a reason now.   I’d like to see better ways to set our congressional districts, but I’m not convinced Prop 2 is a big enough improvement to set it in stone in our state constitution.  And as a civil libertarian, I like to get government out of people’s lives and let them do what they want---including smoking marijuana.  But, that said, I’ve got a bad feeling about prop 1.  The weed has gotten too powerful….it’s largely unstudied, and we don’t have a good way to test to see if people are using it behind the wheel or on the job.  My gut says no on 1, no on 2, no on 3.  What’s your gut say?


The biggest turn-offs that people have with our political system these days is due to the the unethical party thugs and power-hungry string pullers behind many of our candidates.  It's easy to tell which races have those kinds of people at play.   I'm tired of candidates saying "That's the party, or that's somebody else...I have no control over it."  There are races where some really good candidates are running under the Libertarian Party.   I'm seriously considering giving them my vote.   I doubt they'll win, but I can live with a vote for ethics.

Morning Show Philosophy

I wanted to take a minute and set the record straight on a couple of things I’ve read on Facebook.   Some people are under the impression that I’m a News Director or journalist.   The last time that was the case was 1988 when I worked for another radio station.  For the last 29 years, I’ve been a talk radio host.  True, I’m also the Program Director/Brand Manager.  I make sure Nico and the news is down the middle.  He does that. Fox News radio is also down the middle, even though their TV network shows are not.   The late Tom McHale was a great news director and journalist and I was lucky to work with him for many years.   But on this show, I have opinions, and it’s in my actual corporate job description to have them.   Our shows after 9am are much more opinionated and partisan.  But I and Townsquare Media both have long believed the roll of morning host is different.   I try to hold my opinions most of the time but always put the community first.  I try to bring community leaders and experts on the show every day. But it’s also my job to try and look out for the community, and you’ll hear opinions on the show when I feel it’s warranted. I try to ask the questions that I think you might have, and when people send me questions via e-mail or text, I often use them or research them.  It’s just part of getting you information to use as a small part of your fact gathering, especially as we go to the polls to make critical decisions to our future.  So learn what you can, take the time as you always do, and take part.  Nico Berrios and Lacy James will bring you the results tomorrow night after the polls close at 8.



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