77-year-old Owosso barber Karl Manke is challenging the virus shutdown order of Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  He’s also challenging all other business owners around the state saying, “Open up your shops, stand up, and show up.” Manke met with reporters at his barbershop yesterday along with Texas salon owner Shelly Luther. She was ordered jailed by a Dallas area judge for bucking a state closing order but was quickly released by the Texas Supreme Court. Manke’s legal issues continue. The state pulled his business license without a required hearing. He can’t get an appeal date until mid-July. His attorney is filing a request with the Shiawassee County Circuit Court to issue a stay of the state’s administrative move. The motion has been filed with the same Judge who refused to grant the state a cease and desist order against the elderly barber.

Since being served with a notice from the state late last week that his license was void, Manke hasn’t worked. But he hasn’t stopped talking about his distaste for a shutdown order that is keeping him and millions of other residents statewide from earning a living.
While all that is going on, State Attorney General Dana Nessel is filing an appeal of the County Circuit Court’s refusal to approve her request for a cease and desist order. That element of the legal case is now going to the Michigan State Court of Appeals.

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