Really, where are this country and state going?  Wherever that is I certainly do not want to be the person helping them get there.

A senior at Parchment High School, Garrett Winter, ran the race of his lifetime at the best time he could have done so.  In the state championship race for the 3.1-mile course, he ran his best time ever.  He ran that 3.1 miles in 15 minutes and 27 seconds, his personal best.

According to reporting by the Detroit News, Garrett stated that he ran:

“the race of my life…As I crossed the finish line, my emotions got the best of me..I swore in excitement of what I had just accomplished. I swore when I finished the race and saw the time. I did not swear at anyone. I swore out of jubilation with pure adrenaline and emotion.”

For that, he was disqualified from the race.

Apparently, there is a national rule that governs conduct in high school running.  That rule states you can not use profanity.  The assistant director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Cody Inglis, stated that Garrett's profanity could be heard 50 yards away.  He went on to say “it’s a horrible thing…Nobody takes any pride or joy in this, but the fact is that the rule was enforced.”

Here it is:

Garrett took the high road and stated that he regretted putting race officials “in the position to make this call”.

He got really excited because all of his work and sacrifices had finally paid off with a second-place state championship finish.  Does that really deserve a disqualification?

Interesting that the teenager took the high road and the adults could not see through an outdated rule.  Or a rule that could be used if one runner swears at another runner or someone in the crowd.

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