The investigation into the water quality at Parchment’s former paper mill continues to progress.

The Hydrogeologic Investigation, carried out by Georgia Pacific and Tetra Tech and overseen by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, has been collecting water samples for the first set of monitor wells that have been installed at the paper mill; there are at least 12 more wells to be installed. Kalamazoo County says that the investigation is now in Phase Two, and as sampling results come in they will provide them to the public.

The investigation began after Parchment’s water supply was found to be highly contaminated with Per and Polyfleuroalkyl Substances, and regulators wanted to determine the source of that contamination.

The global paper company Georgia Pacific took the helm of the investigation when it was revealed they owned the company that most recently owned the paper mill before it ceased operations, and when the mill itself was considered to be the most likely source of the PFAS contamination.

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