Interesting, the Detroit Police Chief James Craig was interviewed on WDIV-TV, Channel 4 News the other day and had some interesting thoughts.

As reported by in discussing Detroit’s high level of violence Chief Carig postulated that part of the reason for the violence was a lack of good role models for the children, the public desensitized to violence and the unwritten no-snitch policy in the Detroit neighborhoods.

When it comes to a desensitized public, people are too accepting of the violence because they expect it.  These children see violence almost every day of their lives, what do we expect from them when they grow up, this is what they see almost every day.  It is tough for good parents to fight against this back drop.

Good role models: not enough of them in their everyday life.  These children grow up with parents, who have or are in prison.  These parents have made bad decisions most of their lives and that is all their children see.  Think about what you do today that you remember your parents doing when you grew up, even the things you said you would never do, you do today.

The million dollar question is how do we reverse this problem?  We have known of this for decades yet whatever policies have been pushed to help this issue, has not helped.  I believe it is good jobs that will help reverse this, not handouts.  The left’s policy is to create a culture of entitlement via handouts.  How has that been working?

That now leads us to the culture in the inner city of not snitching.  I realize that people are afraid of retaliation, but if they are unwilling to help themselves then how or why should we help them?

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