The University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children's Hospital reports parents have a lot of concerns relating to the COVID-19 virus and its effect on their kids. The hospital is releasing its annual Children’s Health Survey. The hospital polled parents nationwide about their health concerns surrounding their kids. Hospital researchers say the COVID-19 virus comes in at the bottom of the list of the top ten most mentioned issues. But related impacts are up on top, like too much time in front of screens, or social media time. That’s the most often mentioned and highest rated issue parents say faces kids in America. 72% of parents are putting that at the top of their list.

But after that, the hospital researchers say there are some notable differences in how parents from different ethnic or racial groups look at their kid's health issues. Black parents rate racism as the most pressing health issue facing their teens and young children. The virus is rated by them as the second most important issue. White and Hispanic parents place screen time as their top health issue for kids, with bullying and cyberbullying at number 2.  Security issues while spending time online is their number 3 health concern. White parents do not rate racism or COVID among their top ten.

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Here is the top ten list:
Overuse of social media/screen time (72%)
Bullying/cyberbullying (62%)
Internet safety (62%)
Unhealthy eating (59%)
Depression/suicide (54%)
Lack of physical activity (54%)
Stress/anxiety (54%)
Smoking/vaping (52%)
Drinking or using drugs (50%)
COVID (48%)

The report suggests parents pay close attention to what their kids see and do online, saying control and review is critical for teens and young children, “Parents need to have ongoing conversations with their children and teens to guide them in safe internet practices, including the protection of their privacy and how to avoid those who try to prey on kids via the internet.”

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